Friday, March 11, 2011


Soooooo, the "crud" I had last week has turned into full blown bronchitis!  I have spent way too much time on the couch trying to feel better! 
Emily did come by for a dress fitting this week.  I'll finish putting the sash on, stitching up the zipper and hemming up the front of the dress.  With will be complete!

While spending "quality time" on the couch this week catching up on some reading and resting I've noticed the small things that make me smile.
I know we each fill our homes with things that make us happy...those things that just make us smile when we catch a glimpse of them. 
My "smile" items this past week seem to be my chalkware girls!

I have picked up chalkware figurines for many years.  There are so many sizes, shapes and variety.  They also vary wildly in price.  You can still find many chalkware pieces for less than $5.00.

I love to collect the small childlike chalkware figures, especially the ones that resemble Hummels, (but are not near as expensive.)

This is a prime example...this little girl reading her book is a chalkware figurine.

But, this little girl reading her book is a Hummel. She has the Hummel markings on her base, whereas the chalkware girl has no marking on her base.  (This little Hummel girl has the top of her bow broken off, which is why I paid very little for her.)

The chalkware pieces do not always have the fine features of the Hummel figures, but their faces are just as sweet.  Sometimes the naive look of the chalkware piece is what draws me to them. Because of the cost of Hummel's (very expensive) as opposed to chalkware...I feel I can use the chalkware to decorate without having to put them behind glass to preserve them.

This little girl with her basket of flowers and letter appears to be a handmade piece.  Perhaps she is some one's first attempt at an arts and craft class.  She may have been abandoned by her "creator" as not being "good enough"!  I love her little round face. (My grandson holds his finger to his cheek like this when he's thinking to tell me something! TOO CUTE!)

This lovely lady is my most sophisticated chalkware piece.  She is more grown up than my usual "children" I pick up, but again...just something about her called me to take her home.

I have several small pieces I keep in my office.  I can glance up from my desk and see them and they just make me smile.

My grand kids have confiscated these two to store their toothbrushes in.

Austin loves that his "boy is reading a book."

I love this little girl hanging up the laundry.

Doesn't she look like she's pulling away her petals and saying, "He loves me...he loves me not..."

I have several girls that are reading, but they are different I guess they don't count as the "same one"? (That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

I love that she sings while she works.  She sits on my sewing table reminding me to sing away my time at the sewing machine.

These two are also in my sewing room...if my girlfriend in Florida sees them she may try to nab them while she's here next month! (She collects chalkware also, but she only buys the ones singing or playing an instrument.)  Guess I better put these two in a drawer while she's here!

I'll end with this little girl that sits on a table next to the couch.  I can see her each time I put my cup of tea down or pick up my book. 
She is a Hummel and I received her just recently.  My sweet mother bought her for me!  
She said when she saw her she was reminded of a picture of me as a child taken with Santa.  She said the coat, the hat, the mittens...all the same!

I love my new Hummel! 

So, keep your eyes open, you can find chalkware hidden among those items no one is digging through.  You may just find a treasure!

Here's hoping the antibiotics will kick in and I'll feel up to working on wedding stuff this weekend!

Till tomorrow..

2 Cowgurls said:

Hollace said...

Hi! It's a good thing you got so much done earlier so that your illness didn't set you too far behind on your schedule. You sound pretty calm.

I have that exact same girl reading a book with the orange bow and polka dot bib, and she has a partner boy with a book. Then I have another set of a girl and a boy with ducks. I like them best because of their coloring.

I had no idea what they were--never heard of chalkware--so I am delighted to find out about them. One set was my Grandma's and the other set her sister's, my great aunt's. I thought they were bookends. If I knew how to send a picture as a comment, I would.

Hope you feel better soon!

Curtains In My Tree said...

What a sweet collections. It still amazes me of what all the differnet items people collect.

I had never noticed those before however since I have read your post I will see these girls ever where I shop vintage

The only chalkware I know about is carnival chalkware from 1950's and early 1960's from the carnivals