Thursday, July 26, 2012

Small Bathroom Makeover - Completed

This small bathroom makeover began here, on December 22, 2010 (and here and here and here)...I can't believe it's been that long!
This is where it all began...wanting to get rid of this flooring.

After 10+ years of girls doing hair, makeup, cleanup, mess-up's...this bathroom had seen better days!

My husband added the framework for the board and batten walls,

and added the vintage tin along the top.

All the walls and trim were painted white,

and the cabinet and upper cupboard were painted black.

At that point...the project went dormant.
I lived with the sub floor exposed while I searched for the perfect "finish" for this area.

I eventually painted two coats of Kilz and two coats of porch paint to seal the sub floor and to add a layer of protection.
All the while, I hunted for an idea for the wow factor for this room.

Last week while browsing on Pinterest I saw a stencil from the Royal Design website that seemed to be the perfect finish for this room.

I started painting the stencil in the corner and moved down toward the door.

The first row was finished fairly quickly...especially with the stencil being so large.

Working around the other items in the room was NOT fun! (Especially since the stencil was so large!)

But, the end result was well worth the work!
I already have two coats of sealer on it, and hope to add one more coat just to give extra protection to the floor.

I also want to add quarter round along the edge and put handles on the drawers to finish off this project...but in the very near future!
It has taken time to finish...but well worth the wait for the final results.

Till tomorrow,

6 Cowgurls said:

dee dee said...

Wow, this is such a beautiful bathroom! I love each part form the batten board walls, to the tiles on the wall to the wonderful floor treatment! Love it!
dee dee

Claire said...

Hi-just wanted you to know I featured your bathroom floor transformation on my blog today-it looks gorgeous-Have a lovely weekend!!

Herb Koguchi said...

For people who are tired of good `ol tiles, I think stencil is the right choice for them! It brings out individuality and gives a refreshing look. As for your bathroom, the stencils matched your cabinets and walls. I salute you, Debi!

Homer Collins said...

I know it’s been a while now, but I must say that your effort painting the bathroom floor was definite well paid-off! The stencil design added personality to it. I wish we could see some photos of how your entire bathroom looked like after the project.

Homer Collins

Anonymous said...

Hello. Whats the name Of this stencile ?


debianne said...

Lisboa Tile Stencil is the name of the stencil and I purchased it from Royal Design Studio. Here is the link to the stencil!